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Dry Bags From Ocean Dive Supply Philippines

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 15 Jul, 2019

Just arrived from the factory, ODS Dry backpack with a volume of 20 litre. Will store most of your items if you are going to the beach, the boat or hiking and you know it all going to be dry when you get back home.
Dry Backpack 20 liter volume Dry Backpack 20 liter volume

Also is the all new Dry bags made of nylon rather than the heavier material normally used for dry bags. This makes it easier to store the dry bag when it is empty and also makes it smaller when it is not fully packed. Comes it two sizes, 5 and 10 liter, both in the colour of yellow. The all come in a nice package as well make it easy to display if you resell the product.
Dry bag made of nylonDry bag made of nylon 10 liter

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