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Gara Modular Carbon MD

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Gara Modular Carbon MD

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This fin with interchangeable carbon blade is very lightweight and extremely effective. Ideally suited for advanced free diving and underwater fishing at considerable depths.

The blade in directional carbon has a tapered profile to ensure a special degree of reactivity and the efficacy that only composite fibers can attain. Medium hardness makes this fin suitable for all diving activities, including deep diving. The Modular “Self Adjusting Foot Pocket” is molded in 2 different materials and has an extra soft zone that stretches to improve fit, even when wearing very thick boots.

Like all the other fins in the Cressi range, the Gara Modular Carbon MD relies on an industrial production system that ensures extremely high standards of precision and conformity to stringent technical parameters, that could not be achieved with traditional artisan processes.

Another significant and exclusive feature of the material used is its great durability and constant efficiency over time: even after intensive and prolonged use, the blade retains its strength and maintains its initial technical characteristics unaltered.

Gara modular’s footpocket is wider than the other gara fin models. We suggest to use it with neoprene socks in order to have a proper fit. For use without neoprene socks, we recommend to buy one smaller size.


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