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Surface Marker WDS 145cm x 15.5cm

Surface Marker

Surface Marker WDS 145cm x 15.5cm

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The Surface Marker WDS is an ALL-IN-ONE ready to use SMB Set

  • The WDS eliminates the need to carry a dedicated reel or spool.
  • The Open-Ended Buoy has the advantage that it is more compact than Self-Sealing Buoys and can emptied quickly at the end of the dive for stowage.
  • Will  fit into almost any BCD pocket
  • The included Carry Pouch can be used for external  BCD attachment. Compact enough to take  on every dive.
  • Ideal for your diving holiday when weight and space are of the essence.
  • Made from durable 210D Nylon with welded  seams and stitched edge  tape to prevent fraying.

Colors: Orange-Yellow
 With both an orange and a yellow panel this is by far the most visible combination for the recreational diver.

  • The orange panel is more visible in bright sunlight and significant glare.
  • While the yellow panel will prove its worth as light deteriorates or the clouds move in.


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