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  • Piovra Freediving Bag
  • Cressi Quantum Fog Free
  • W7 Waterproof 5mm wetsuit
  • PADI Digital material
  • Cressi Clownfish
    Welcome to Ocean Dive Supply Philippines
    We provide you with Scuba Diving Equipment from Cressi, Waterproof, L&W Compressor,
    Luxfer tanks,
    Trident, Surface Marker, Body Glove, Underwater Kinetics to mention some.
    All PADI Educational material are also available in all 8 stores in Manila, Puerto Galera,
    Boracay, Coron - Palawan, Cebu, Alona - Bohol, Dumaguete and ODS Online.
  • Keep your hands warm with G30Keep your hands warm with G30

    Keep your hands warm…

    Waterproof G30 2.5mm neoprene gloves Hypothermia vs Gloves.The body reacts to cold and heat by adjusting […]
  • W7 Neoflex 5mmW7 Neoflex 5mm

    W7 Neoflex 5mm

    W7 NEOFLEX THE EVOLUTION OF A WINNING CONCEPT MATERIAL - Neoflex super-stretch, 100 % microcell limestoneCR […]
  • ODS - Cressi 25 years of partnership…ODS - Cressi 25 years of partnership…

    ODS - Cressi 25 years…

    Ocean Dive Supply Philippines and Cressi celebrate this week 25 years of partnership. At the DEMA Show Asia […]
  • New arrival of tanks from USANew arrival of tanks from USA

    New arrival of tanks…

    We have just got in tanks from US again, all with fresh hydro test in sizes 63, 80 and 100 cuft.This tanks […]
  • Digital SPG

    Digital SPG

    Cressi's latest digital console, DIGI, give you a very accurate reading of your air supply. Showing the tank […]
  • Digi2 console

    Digi2 console

    Cressi is a full on digital console showing the Tank pressure, Depth, Dive time, Water temperature as well […]
  • SUPERSALE Waterproof

    SUPERSALE Waterproof

    We are selling out the Waterproof Sirius shorty Php 2,995 and Capri 3mm fullsuit Php 3,595. Top quality suits […]
  • Nepto Freediving

    Nepto Freediving

    Cressi Nepto is a compact watch size computer specific for Freediving. This innovative product boasts […]


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