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RENTAL DIVE REGULATORS - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Regulators for your Dive center and Resort

The Regulators you choose for your dive center is one of the keys to your customers comfort and enjoyment when diving with you. 

Below Regulators are part of our Full Rental Set but can be purchased separate in bulk for rental use with significal higher discount levels. Available in 5+ and 10+ discount groups. This can be mixed n' matched so no need to purchased just one style of Regulator.  

Cressi rental regulator 1st stage AC2

The Cressi AC2 1st stage is probably the best rental regulator on the market, reliable, simple and inexpensive to maintain. It was introduced in the late 90's and have proved to be a workhorse ever since. The feature that makes the AC2 standing out among similar 1st  stages is the possibility to adjust the intermidiate pressure without to have to open the unit.

Cressi rental regulator 2nd stage XS Compact

XS Compact 2nd stage teamed up with the AC2 makes the perfect combination of a proven reliable 1st stage with a modern light compact 2nd stage. Due to the high preformance of the XS Compact it's also used with other top end 1st stages. Very easy to maintain with a very few parts and therefore also very inexpensive to maintain.

Cressi rental regulator 2nd stage XS2

The XS2 was introduced to the market together with the AC2 when it come out in the late 90's. The combination proved to be a very good choice as rental regulator for dive centers around the world. Even today the combination is a choice by many as it is a proven workhorse and easy to maintain to a lost cost.

Cressi rental regulator octopus XS Compact

XS Compact Octopus  is the same 2nd stage as the XS Compact, just yellow face instead of the grey. Recommended to be teamed up with XS Compact/AC2 combination to make maintenance simple with both 2nd stages the same. 


Cressi rental regulator octopus XS2
XS Ocropus is the same as the XS2 2nd stage apart from the yellow coloured face instead of the black/grey colour. Recommended to be teamed up with XS2/AC2 combination to make maintenance simple with both 2nd stages the same. 

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