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SNORKELING FINS - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Choose the right fins for your Snorkel experience

The Fins you choose is one of the keys to your comfort and happiness when snorkeling.

We stock top of the line fins and have a wide range designed to meet the needs of every in water explorer.

Open heel fin design to be worn without boots, very soft foot pocketFullfoot fins ideal for snorkelingFullfoot fins ideal for snorkelingFullfoot fins ideal for snorkelingFullfoot fins ideal for snorkelingFullfoot fins ideal for snorkeling

The key factors in choosing the fins for your snorkeling are:

1/ quality -

  • choose only the best brands as your fins will be with you for many years.

2/ fullfoot or open heel -

  • Fullfoot fins fits snugly to your foot as it comes in shoes sizes. Here you need to have your size and not go for a size bigger as you might get abrasion from the footpocket rubbing on your feet. If it happen to be have a size too big you can always get a pair of neoprene socks to wear.
  • Open heel fins require you to wear some kind of boots. This might be an advantage if you enter into the water from the beach and want to have something on your feet while walking in the water.  Exemption here is the Palau fin, open heel but with an extremely soft foot pocket design to wear without boots. The advantage with the open heel fins is they fit more then one size as they are adjustable. Good idea for families and group of friends.

3/ size -

  • Depending on your activity in the water while snorkeling you may select your fins thereafter. If you are just spending time on the surface to watch the marine life below you you may choose a shorter fin like the Agua, Palau or Rondinella
  • If you plan to dive down to the reef you would most likely choose a longer fin like the Pluma, Pro Star or Reaction Pro. This gives you a bit more propulsion when you want to swim down to the reef below.
  • The Gara fins are covered in the Freediving section of the website.

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