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The snorkel you choose is one of the keys to your comfort and ability to relax on the surface when diving or snorkelling.

We stock only the best snorkels on the market.

Our huge range meets the needs of every diver or snorkeller.

Whether you're a Snorkeller, Diver or Freediver we have the snorkel you need. 

Multiple Snorkels

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your snorkel is an investment for your comfort on the surface and relaxation while snorkeling. Select the best snorkel for you to meet your needs.

2/ Simple Tube or Purge Valve -

  • Most Freediver prefer a simple snorkel with just a tube and mouthpiece like the flexible Corsica, America or Gringo as it gives less drag in the water.
  • The purge valve style help to clear the water that may have enter into the tube by forcing the water out of the bottom rather then to have to push it to the top of the snorkel. This feature is found on most of the snorkels we offer.

3/ Wet, Splash Guard or Dry -

  • As mention above the Freedivers like a simple snorkel with no extra to reduse drag in the water. This allows water  to enter into the tube while submerged or wave breaking over the head. 
  • A splash guard prevent most water from enter the tube in the event a wave breaking over the snorkel and therefore gives the user less water to clear.
    You find this feature on Tao, Beta, Gamma and Mexico to mention some.
  • The dry snorkel have a valve on top of the tube that closes if the snorkel get submerged in water and keeps the snorkel dry all the time. The Alpha Dry, Dry and Minidry all have this feature and are really the top of the line when it comes to snorkels for snorkeling.

4/ Size -

  • All snorkels mention above are all adult size but we do have some snorkels in junior size as well, Minigringo just a smaller Gringo, the Top with both purge valve and splash guard and Minidry with the same feature as Dry.


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