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  • King and Nepto

    King and Nepto

    Follow the Nepto Freediving computer from Cressi is the new King. Both with the latest technology when it […]
  • Donatello's new colours

    Donatello's new colours

    Cressi Donatello has got two new colours to its range, Yellow and Pink. This give you a selection of 5 colours.
  • Cartesio colours

    Cartesio colours

    Cartesio are now available in two colours, black/metal and black/inox. Both very stylish dive computer that […]
  • Freediving in Colour

    Freediving in Colour

    Add a bit of colour to your Freediving. Cressi Neon computer are available in 6 different colours, some quite […]

The computer you choose is one of the keys to your enjoyment and safety while freediving.

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We stock only the best computers on the market.

Our wide range meets the needs of every underwater explorer.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro we have the computer you need. 

Dive and Freediving computer Cressi Neon watch sizeFreediving computer Cressi Nepto watch sizeDive computer Cressi Cartesio watch sizeDive computer Cressi Goa watch sizeDive and Freediving computer Cressi MichelangeloDive and Freediving computer Cressi Donatello

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your computer is an investment in your underwater experience and will last many years. Select the best computer for you to meet your needs.

2/ Safety -

  • At the beginning of your freediving journey, a dive computer might not be a necessary investment but as you start including freefall into your dives or going deeper, a dive computer becomes much more critical in ensuring safety, standardizing and improving dives and also verifying progress.

3/ Size -

  • The regular size computer is 60-70mm witch allow a large display with big numbers and letters.
  • What is nice nice with the watch size computer is you can wear it all the time and therefore don't forget it on the boat when you are going for a dive session. 
  • One of the watch size computers is Cartesio that can only be purchased in stores as it is part of the Cressi Atelier program.

4/ Freediving/Freediving-SCUBA -

  • Depending if you are going to use your computer for 100% Freediving or if you are going to use it also for SCUBA diving you have a choice of computers.
  • Cressi King and Nepto are two 100% Freediving computers. This computers have everything you can imagine for freediving use including protection of the risk of Taravana and pulmonary edema.
  • All other 5 computers we have for Freediving also have SCUBA and Gauge mode. Still gives you the essential informtion you need for Freediving. 


  • All Cressi's computer have an interface available, helps you to store your dives on your PC and use it as your logbook. New Bluetooth interface for the Cartesio, Goa and Neon are now available as well.

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