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DIVE FINS - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY How to select the best fins for you

The fins you choose for your diving or snorkelling will give you the ability to move through the water freely and in control.

We stock some of the best fins on the market.

Our extensive range meets the needs of every diver or snorkeller.

Whether you're a Snorkeller, Diver or Freediver we have the fins you need. 

Thor open heel finsFins with open heelFreediving fins Fullfoot fin for Diving and FreedivingFins with open heelFins with open heel

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your fins is important for your comfort and to efficiently propelling through the water in a relaxed way while diving and snorkeling. Select the best fin for you to meet your needs, you may ended up with more than one pair depending on your activities.

2/ Open Heel or Fullfoot Fins -

  • Most Open Heel fins require you wearing Boots while Fullfoot fins have the shoe incorporated in the fin. Depending where you dive you may want to have boots to walk around in or do beach  entry into the water, then open heel will be your choice. Also boots add warmth in colder conditions.
  • Fullfoot fins obviously comes in shoe size and therefore have a tendency to fit nicely to your foot to add comfort. Slimmer design as the foot pocket are smaller so if you dive from a boat and travel Fullfoot fins might be your choice.
  • We have a great selection of both styles and some are the same fin in both styles like Reaction and Reaction Pro, same with Pro Light and Pro Star

3/ Stiff or Soft Blade -

  • A stiffer blade require a bit more strenght from the user but it also gives you a more powerful thrust while swimming. Our Ara EBS fins and in some extend Reaction and Reaction Pro gives you this powerful thrust throught the water.
  • Softer blade you find on Frog Plus, Pro Light and Pro Star., still very powerful fins but a bit easier to handle if your legs are not up for the stiffer blades.

4/ Size -

  • Fins comes in a great variation when it comes to size, from the long Freediving fins Gara Modular and Gara 2000 to the short Palau and Rondinella snorkeling fins. A long fin give you more thrust where a short is easier to handle. In general the very long fins are mostly used for Freedivers, short fins for Snorkellers and the medium size for Divers.


 See our full range of Open Heel Fins or Fullfoot Fins here

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