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Gara Modular

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Gara Modular

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An interchangeable blade which is very lightweight and reactive and also well-adapted for the most demanding of free-diving use.

Thanks to its specific and exclusive design, it’s more propulsive when passing through the leg-kick, which gives an optimum return of the blade.

The foot-pocket is very comfortable and comes in a composite material : soft rubber around the foot arch, and a rigid part along the sides and traction surface.

It’s ample fittings easily allows it to be worn with diving socks.


Technical Feature

Interchangeable blade, very light, reactive performance suitable from beginner to most demanding divers, appreciated by professionals and instructors. For scuba we have the smaller brother Ara.      

Foot pocket + Blade 38/39 6/7 - 40/41 7/8 - 42/43 8/9 - 44/45 10/11 - 46/47 12/13 


Available Separately:

Foot pocket 38/39 6/7 - 40/41 7/8 - 42/43 8/9 - 44/45 10/11 - 46/47 12/13

Thermoplastic black blade



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