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DIVE TANKS AND VALVES - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Store the air you need while underwater

The Tank you choose is one of the keys to your fun and safety underwater.

We stock the top end Tanks and Valves on the market.

 Tanks or cylinders in size 80 cuft100 cuft tank-cylinder80 cuft tank-cylinder63 cuft tank-cylinderTank valve international also called K-valveTank valve DIN with plug

Key factors:

1/ Material -

  • Even though the filters in the compressor take off almost all moister you will still have problem with steel tanks corroding in the tropics hence we are only stocking aluminium tanks.

2/ Size -

  • There are a number of sizes of Tanks, basically all from 6cuft until 100cuft. For the smaller sizes we have Tech Asia Divers stocking those and can be found in the ODS stores as well.
  • The more common ones are the 63, 80 and 100cuft tanks. 
  • 63cuft (1,784 litre of free air) are used in Dive Centre who have divers that are a bit smaller and have hard time to handle the size and weight of the regular 80's. As smaller persons in general use less air this is not a problem.
  • 80cuft (2,265 litre of free air) provide obvoisly a bit more air and are the most common size of the tanks in a Dive Centre. This provides plenty of air for a typical regular dive and allow the diver to return with recommended amount of air back to the boat or shore.
  • 100cuft (2,832 litre of free air) is used for divers with very high air consumption to avoid to cut the dive short and able them to stay with their buddy who use less air. Also very good for Nitrox user that are a bit heavy on air and therefore have problem to get the true benefit of Nitrox.

3/ Maintenance -

  • For Tanks you want them visual inspected and cleaned every year and Hydro-tested every five years here in the Philippines. Other countries may have different requirements.
  • For the Tank Valves you want to take them apart and clean them at least once a year. Seats and o-ring may be changed at that time as well.
  • For Thermo Valve spare parts click here 

See our full range of Tank Valves here.
For purchase of Tanks please contact one of our stores as we are not offering this product online due to logistics with shipping.

Available in our stores in Alona - Bohol, Boracay island, Cebu, Coron - Busuanga, Dumaguete - Negros, Makati - Manila, Small Lalaguna beach - Puerto Galera, Sabang - Puerto Galera and ODS Online.

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