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DIVE REGULATORS - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Gives you as much air as you want underwater

The Regulator you choose is one of the keys to your comfort and safety underwater.

We stock the top end regulators on the market.

Our range meets the needs of every diver or dive centre.

Whether you're a beginner Diver, Instructor or Dive Centre we have the Regulator you need. 

First stage XS Compact dive regulatorDive regulator alternate air source XS2 OctopusDive regulator T10 Chromo 1st stage with Galaxy 2nd stageDive regulator T10 SC 1st stageDive regulator alternate air source XS Compact OctopusDive regulator Master 2nd stage

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brand. Your Regulator is an investment for your comfort and safety in the water. Select the best Regulator for your needs as it will last many years.

2/ Airflow -

  • All modern regulators deliver more air than you need at any recreational dive depth, however some give more airflow then others.
  • Some people argue about Unbalanced 1st stages are harder to breath from and that was probably true in the 50s and 60s but not noticed on a modern regulator. 
  • For a simple and easy maintained regulator you have the XS2/AC2 and XS Compact/AC2, both work horses that proved to be good dive centre regulators as well as for divers with a lower budget.
  • For top-of-the -line you have the T10SC/Master with extremely good airflow with no effort, same as the new Galaxy Cromo T10SC (can not be sold online). 

3/ Comfort -

  • Make sure the 2nd stage with nicely in and around your mouth. 
  • A light weight 2nd stage is also nice but you may consider the exhaust bubbles are coming closer to the face, some worry others not. The larger 2nd stage have less of a problem with it.
  • Nice comfortable mouthpiece is a plus even if it is both easy and cheap to change to a personalised mouthpiece.

4/ Maintenance -

  • A good idea is to buy the Octopus, also called Alternatre air source, same as the 2nd stage regulator for easier maintenance with same spare parts.
  • Maintain the whole regulator set once a year and change everything in the maintenance kit.
  • If your Cressi regulator is purchased from Ocean Dive Supply Philippines or any of their dealers you have free maintenance on your regulator, only pay for the parts. 

See our full range of Regulators here.

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