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The mask you choose is one of the keys to your comfort and enjoyment when diving or snorkelling.

We stock only the best masks on the market.

Our huge range of masks meets the needs of every underwater explorer.

Whether you're a Snorkeler, Diver or Freediver we have the mask you need. 

Mask page different masks as samples

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your mask is an investment in your underwater experience. Select the best mask for you to meet your needs.

2/ Single or Twin lens -

The advantage of the twin lens style of mask:

  • A smaller volume so easy to clear in the event you get some water in the mask and easy to equalise underwater.
  • Some like Focus may also come with the option of prescritive lenses for correction if needed.

The advantage of the single lens style of mask:

  • Clear view with no center part giving a remarkably clear view.

3/ Size -

  • As we all comes in different sizes and so do the faces, we may think about what size of mask to choose. As females in general have smaller faces Cressi have a number of midsize masks like Nano, F1 Small Fit, Focus the new Metis and Perla. For our children we a good selection of smaller mask like Moon Kid suitable for age 3-7 years old.
    For the older children we have Marea Jr, Piumetta and Sirenetta.

4/ Clear, Coloured or Dark skirt -

  • Clear skirts let more ambient in and many divers like this... many Cressi masks comes with Crystal Silicone skirt for that reason.
  • Underwarer photographers often choose a dark  or none-transperant skirt to avoid light reflections while working with their cameras. 

5/ Raked lenses -

  • Cressi invented the first mask on the market with raked lenses (tilted downwards).
  • The Big Eyes provides an excellent field-of-view. Other masks have followed with the same design like Matrix, Big Eyes Evolution, Eyes Evolution Crystal, Nano, Air and latest the Metis.

See our full mask range here.

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