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SWIMLINE - PHILIPPINES - OCEAN DIVE SUPPLY Swimming gear for both beach and pool

The swimming gear you choose is one of the keys to your comfort in the water.

We stock a good variation of gear from Cressi Swimline.

Our range Goggles meets the needs of every swimmer.

Whether you're a casual swimmer or compete we stock what you need. 

Swimming goggles for kidsSwimming goggles for adultsSwimming goggles for adultsSwimming goggles for adultsSwimming caps for adultsSwimline nose clip and ear plugs

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brand. Select the best for your needs as it will last many years.

2/ Goggles -

  • Cressi have a huge range of goggles for swimming and we stock a nice selection to cater for all kinds of user. 
  • The smaller and slimmer styles like Nouto and Right goggles may be use for competitions as well as the casual swim. The later even come in a smaller size and even smaller for our young swimmers we have Baloo.
  • The larger goggles like Cobra and Skylight may not be so feasible for competition but are excelent for the casual swimmer.

3/ Swim Cap -

  • The Cressi Swim Caps are made of elastic silicone to fit snugly on your head. 
  • Comes in Adult and Junior size.

 4/ Ear plugs & Nose clips -

  • Ear plugs prevent water from entering your ears to prevent discomfort and infections if you have sensitive ears.  Some of our Fullface snorkeling mask have ear plug built into the mask.
  • As the goggles don't enclose the nose you might accidentally inhale though your nose while swimming and therefore a nose clip comes handy.
  • This both products can be purchase separately or in a set with both together, comes in a plastic case.

See our full range of Swimline products here.

Available in our stores in Alona - Bohol, Boracay island, Cebu, Coron - Busuanga, Dumaguete - Negros, Makati - Manila, Small Lalaguna beach - Puerto Galera, Sabang - Puerto Galera and ODS Online. 

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