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The computer you choose is one of the keys to your enjoyment when diving or freediving.

We stock only the best computers on the market.

Our wide range meets the needs of every underwater explorer.

Whether you're a Diver or Freediver we have the computer you need. 

Computer page different computers as samples

Key factors:

1/ Quality -

  • Choose only the best brands. Your computer is an investment in your underwater experience and will last many years. Select the best computer for you to meet your needs.

2/ Wrist or Console -

The advantage of the wrist style of computer:

  • As you wear it on your wrist it will be fairly well protected and not banged around in the end of a hose..
  • It's always there when you want to copy the informtion to your logbook or compare the dive with your buddy.

The advantage of the console style of computer:

  • You will never forget it when going for a dive as it is attached to your regulator set.

3/ Size -

  • The regular size computer is 60-70mm witch allow a large display with big numbers and letters.
  • What is nice nice with the watch size computer is you can wear it all the time and therefore don't forget it on the boat when you are going for a dive. 
  • One of the watch size computers is Cartesio that can only be purchased in stores.

4/ Air/Nitrox -

  • Even if you are not a certified Nitrox Diver yet it is better to invest in a computer that allow you to set it on different nitrox mix. One day you arer likely to become a Nitrox Diver.
  • All our Dive Computers are capable to deal with Nitrox mixes from 21-50% of Oxygen.

5/Multiple mixes -

  • Both Cressi's Giotto and Newton have the ability to have to switch between two mixes during the dive for better decompression managment.

6/Interface -

  • All Cressi's computer have a interface available, helps you to store your dives on your PC and use it as your logbook.


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