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King Freediving Computer

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King Freediving Computer

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With a case diameter of only 48 mm and a high-contrast display of 35 mm, King is an extremely compact watch-computer specific for freediving.

This innovative product boasts an algorithm developed in Cressi, which protects the freediver from the risk of Taravana, and a function that avoids the risk of pulmonary endema.

Mineral glass, heavy duty case with steel buttons for resistance to water pressure up to 120 m, metal bezel in AISI 316 steel with surface treatment and Inkfilled technology for the inscription, silicone and polyamide strap (to prevent tears and breakage) with stainless steel buckle.


- High contrast display

- Easy access menu

- 12/24 time format with calendar and seconds

- Precision stopwatch

- Timer (countdown)

- Second time setting

- Alarm clock

- Backlit display

- Tide indicator

- Low battery indicator

- Metric or imperial units

- Long-lasting battery

- Sleep mode to increase battery life

- Battery replaceable by user


- Taravana risk reduction algorithm with 8 levels

- Pulmonary edema risk reduction function with approach dive calculation

- Display of all diving parameters

- Depth

- Temperature

- Dive calculator

- Maximum dive depth

- Dive time

- Length of surface interval between each dive

- Length of diving session

- Maximum descent and ascent speed indication

- Depth, dive time and surface interval alarms

- Recovery time alarm

- Hydration alarm

- Alarms that can be set at dive phase

- Fresh/saltwater setting

- Lock mode for snorkeling or swimming activities


- Variable data logging interval

- Available during the diving session

- Indication of session parameters and of each dive


- Optional with visualisation of diving profile

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