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CORSICA is a new highly technical snorkel designed specifically for deep freediving and spearfishing.

The soft bendable large diameter tubing makes it extremely comfortable to properly position behind the head while maintaining ease of breathing on the surface.
When diving, the mouthpiece tucks neatly under the chin for the ultimate in hydrodynamics. The anatomical hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece provides extreme comfort during long durations in the water.
The CORSICA is available in either black, green or blue Nery and is an excellent choice for the discriminating diver who is looking for the best equipment.


Technical Features


-         Anatomical hypoallergenic Silicone Mouthpiece provides extreme comfort during prolonged use

-         Soft bendable Snorkel Tube to maintain proper and comfortable positioning

-         Large diameter Snorkel Tube provides unobstructed ease of breathing

-         Specially designed and molded U-Bend provides easier clearing capability


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