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W50 Men Fullsuit 5mm

Stock No.  350-120-00
PhP 15,408.00
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The W50 full suit features Gender specific design, WPAD, Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock for expandable pockets, reinforced shoulders, seat, and knees.
Sturdy PK #10 Zipper in the back with a unique molded PU Velcro Tab that only sticks to the designed Velcro area.
Zippers on the legs allow easy donning. Constructed of UltraFlex Neoprene you will have a snug-fitting suit with minimal water flow, which will provide you with a warm, comfortable dive wherever your favorite temperate waters are.
If you are a heavy user or constantly do deep long dives you might find the material compress faster than on a less flexible suit. We then recommend the W1 suit.


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