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Perla Mare (perla + Mexico)

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Perla Mare (perla + Mexico)

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The Perla & Mexico combo is suitable for snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving.

The Perla mask skirt is made out of 100% hypoallergenic soft silicone and the lenses are tempered glass and anti-fog. The mask has a smaller profile and a slight tilt making the mask sit closer to the face. The Perla is a low volume mask that sits closer to the eyes, increasing the underwater field of view.

The Mexico snorkel features a large flexible contoured tube allows for a custom fitting. An upper wave guard minimizes water entry while on the surface. The mouthpiece is made in silicone for ensure comfort and reduce jaw fatigue.

·        The Perla mask is a small low volume mask that offers a snug and very comfortable fit.

·        Mask has a low volume design allows for excellent vision and minimizes mask clearing during descent.

·        The Mexico snorkel is classic very functional free diving snorkel with a large comfortable mouthpiece made in silicone.

·        Snorkel uses a large tube, and a semi dry top.

·        An ideal choice for free diver and snorkler at a very economical price.


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