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Air Blower

High quality rubber tipped air blower.Connects to your Inflator hose. - Read More

PhP 1,137.00

Magnifying lens 1.0-3.0 diopterEasy to attached to your mask lensComes with glue. - Read More

PhP 2,080.00

A bit of FUN but yet a very serious Surface Marker Buoy (SMB). Stand out in the crowd with this silly Clownfish SMB. The sausage are made from very strong material (not plastic). The boatmen/crew will love you as you will be easy to spot.6… - Read More

PhP 4,493.00

Defog Drops

Instructor’s Choice defogRub in and rinse 8 ounce - Read More

PhP 260.00

Defog Spray

Instructor’s Choice silicone no fog 2 ounce spray - Read More

PhP 440.00


A simple spray of EarShield® coats the ear canal with a conditioning water repellent barrier, acting as an invisible ear plug. This conditioning and cleansing action is formulated to prevent water from being trapped in the ear. Absorbed by the body after… - Read More

PhP 2,417.00


Dry ear solution for swimmers ear, drying out water clogged ears.To be used after Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming - Read More

PhP 425.00

Super shoulder saver hanger 17 1/2” Wide x 2 1/2 shoulder area Colour: Yellow - Read More

PhP 446.00

Tank Banger

A Tank banger is a simple way of getting your buddies attention underwater.Slip it over your tank before the dive and it's there to use whenevery you need to get attention.Comes in assorted colours, no specific colour are available. - Read More

PhP 577.00

Help you topProtect your Tank Valve from dust and dirt. - Read More

PhP 96.00

U-MARK IT, gear marking paint Non-toxic water-based paints that adhere to most any surface including Mask, fins, snorkels, regulators, wetsuits, tanks and weight belts. 1 ounce plastic bottles, suggested drying time is 72 hours Comes in colour: hot orange,… - Read More

PhP 338.00