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A bit of FUN but yet a very serious Surface Marker Buoy (SMB). Stand out in the crowd with this silly Clownfish SMB. The sausage are made from very strong material (not plastic). The boatmen/crew will love you as you will be easy to spot.6… - Read More

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Defog Drops

Instructor’s Choice defogRub in and rinse 8 ounce - Read More

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Defog Spray

Instructor’s Choice silicone no fog 2 ounce spray - Read More

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A simple spray of EarShield® coats the ear canal with a conditioning water repellent barrier, acting as an invisible ear plug. This conditioning and cleansing action is formulated to prevent water from being trapped in the ear. Absorbed by the body after… - Read More

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Dry ear solution for swimmers ear, drying out water clogged ears.To be used after Diving, Snorkeling and Swimming - Read More

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Insulated 700ml water bottle in a SCUBA Tank design Keeps fluid hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours Cool to have on the dive trip both for hot beverage or the cold one Comes in 3 colours: blue, white or yellow - Read More

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MAGNA CLIP LANYARDS High strength stretch (to 36”) coils provide connected security to Consoles, slates, small lights, fish cards, gauges and more. Clip end to Split ring end. Caution should be used due to the magnet being the bond of attachment, MAGNA… - Read More

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High strength stretch (to 36” - 91cm) coils provide connected security to dive accessories. Split ring to clip ends make attachment easy. The coil comes in 5 different colours, Black, Blue, Clear, Orange and Yellow. Quick release feature allows you to… - Read More

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