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Something new and refreshing on the market, not just a new colour or shape, it is a NEW product.

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Something new and refreshing on the market, not just a new colour or shape, it is a NEW product.

Maybe not so much needed for a fit 20 year old diver but for more mature divers that might have added a kilo or five, this is very useful.


Put your fins on as easily as you clip on your snow skis! Not a snow skier and can’t relate? Just think, you place your toes into your fin foot pocket and lower your heel and Finclip automatically pops your fin strap over your heel. You’re ready to dive! That easy! Finclip is a device that has been specially designed to don the most popular models of adjustable fins with exceptional ease, without having to bend down or use your hands. Finclip is fixed to the base of the fin with a serrated clamp hinged to an ergonomic heelpiece. This features a grooved track and a sliding cursor to tension the bungee cord that allows the heelpiece to hold the fin firmly in place during diving.


Finclip couldn’t be easier to use. Once the fin is on, just gently push down with your heel. The cursor slides upwards and the bungee cord pushes the heelpiece against your ankle. It only takes a few seconds to be ready to enter the water. To fix Finclip to your fins simply clamp it to the rear end of the fin and secure it by tightening the screws. Once the elastic has been hooked onto the posts on your fins Finclip is ready to be used. One of the features of Finclip is that the distance between the heel and the end of the fin can be adjusted. This adjustment, combined with an elastic that can be varied in length, allows Finclip to be used whatever the size and model of fin you are using. To regulate the tension of the bungee to meet your personal needs, Finclip has developed an adjustable system that allows for 3 different lengths up to a maximum of 36mm (1.42”). When putting on your fins, all you must do is pull the heelpiece down until the elastic is below the fulcrum point. This way the heelpiece will remain down when you slide your foot into the fin. Finclip will then close when you gently push down with your heel. The rubber sole applied to the base of the clamp avoids slipping on the fiberglass surfaces of boats and can be replaced when it becomes worn.


Finclip is also an optimum solution when removing fins in the water. Once opened, the heelpiece can be easily held and used to overcome the suction effect between your feet and the inside of the fin. At the end of a dive, just move the heelpiece forwards. Finclip’s reduced size will allow you to place your fins back in their bag as you always have done. Detailed instructions included for proper installation.


Check out the videos:


         To select the right size (leght of bungy strap) watch this video

         Assembly guide to attach Finclip to your fins.

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