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W1 Fullsuit 5mm Men

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W1 5mm Frontzip

Taking on the challenge to create a front zip, fully-functional, innovative suit with enough technical features to set it apart from all its competitors – the Waterproof R&D staff welcomed the chance to create the impossible.

The mission: To create an even better suit than our award winning 20th Anniversary Waterproof collection. Could it be done? The challenge was set, the doors were locked and when they finally opened, an incredible new suit was born: the W1.

With its first appearance on the international stage, this technically advanced suit was awarded one of the most prestigious design awards in the world: the Red Dot Design Award. The W1, with its unsurpassed quality, unique functionality and ergonomic design, impressed the judges enough to grant it the "Best of the Best" award in the Product Design category. In the company of earlier winners like Nike, Apple, Adidas and Lamborghini Waterproof is pleased to present yet another remarkable innovation to the diving community!

We proudly present Waterproof’s 25th Anniversary suit: the “W1”.

Winner Grand Award of Design 2010
Winner Red Dot Design Award 2009


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