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A Life Saver For Sale

Because out-of-air-emergencies can happen. That is why you practiced how to handle them when you learned to dive. Can they happen to a careful diver who constantly checks his pressure gauge? Yes, they can. The new Spare Air 600 should be a standard piece of […]

Liberty Mask For Sale - 20% Off

Liberty is a mask that takes you back a little bit in time to when masks were in general a little bit bigger then today design. Little bit like our mobile phones, we started with a brick and went to so small that it was […]

Warm Water Wetsuits

Picture above was taken March 6, 2021 in South Point Divers in Lemlunay Resort, General Santos, after a nightdive and all divers are wearing the Waterproof 1mm NeoSkin. Must mean the summer is on the way and the water temperature getting warmer. Time to hang […]