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Tanks Have Arrived From Usa

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 11 Jan, 2024

80cuft cylinders (approx 11L volume) now available together with 63cuft and Thermo valves.

All our tanks are made in USA by Metal Impact in Luxfers old factory in Graham NC. 

SCUBA diving tanks from USA
The 80's tanks are often called 12 liter tanks but they are more 11 liter internal volume.  This is the most popular size for rental tanks, big enough to last a full dive for most without being too big or heavy.
Natural finished to prevent any need for surface maintenance as polish or painting
SRP: Php 23,367

SCUBA diving tanks from USA
For smaller divers or divers who have problem to carry the weight of an 80 we have the 63 cuft tanks. Significant shorter design that makes it fit the junior divers a bit better. 
The surface is sand blasted, another method to prevent the need for repainting or polishing.
SRP: Php 22,018


Tank valve from Thermo for sale in the Philippines
The Thermo Deluxe valve fits with the Yoke (INT) design regulators, the most common design for for divers who only use 3000 psi / 207 BAR as the maximum pressure in the tanks. 
SRP: Php 5,145


Tank valve from Thermo for sale in the Philippines
Another valve design from Thermo is the DIN Plug valve where you can remove a plug the convert the valve to DIN fitting. This valves are not design for 300 bar pressure that the fitting in the regulator can take but makes a stronger slimmer connection between the regulator and valve.
Popular among Tech divers. 
SRP: Php 5,586

Spares for Thermo Tank Valves for sale in the Philippines  
Complet sets of service parts for Thermo tank valves are available and can be easily found with details at this link.

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