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New Lowcut And Highcut Boots

Just arrived to our stores, Aropec Sports boots and beach shoes Very popular Lowcut boots or Beach shoes from Aropec Sports made of 3mm quality neoprene. Ideal for all watersport where you need a proper sole to protect your feet. Made with rubber toe and heel […]

Vest With Hood From Cressi

If you feel cold, get yourself a hooded vest If you are diving in your regular suit and start to feel a bit cold from time to time a Hooded vest is often the best option to solve the problem. To add it under your […]

Cressi Isla 5mm Boots

New 5mm highcut boots from Cressi  These boots are suitable for any kind of water sports to keep the feet warm. The back of the heel has a special design that fits perfectly with open heel fins for scuba diving. The small boss is used […]