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Vest With Hood From Cressi

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 08 Jul, 2023

If you feel cold, get yourself a hooded vest

Neoprene vest with hood for sale in the PhilippinesIf you are diving in your regular suit and start to feel a bit cold from time to time a Hooded vest is often the best option to solve the problem. To add it under your regular suit do not only give you a few millimeter extra neoprene around your body and protect your head from heat loss it also prevent water to enter around your neck. Also it adds very little buoyancy comparing to a thicker suit that is your other option and is a cheaper option too. Come in both Men and Female cut.
We have just got in the new Hooded Vest from Cressi with a 2.5mm vest and 5mm hood that will give you the extra insulation you may need. Check it out, it might be just what you need.

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