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Ods - Cressi 25 Years Of Partnership In The Philippines

Ocean Dive Supply Philippines and Cressi celebrate this week 25 years of partnership. At the DEMA Show Asia 1997, hold in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Allan and Tommy met with Mr Giovanni from Cressi Sub where we come to an agreement that then Asia Divers were […]

New Arrival Of Tanks From Usa

We have just got in tanks from US again, all with fresh hydro test in sizes 63, 80 and 100 cuft.This tanks are from the manufacturer Metal Impact that just purchased Luxfers factory for the SCUBA tanks production and added it to their own production […]

Fog Free To Another Level, Quantum

Cressi have taken another step towards Fog Free masks with the new Quantum mask. The major innovation with the Quantum mask is that as well as offering enhanced downwards vision it avoids the fogging phenomenon through the internal thermoregulation of the warm, damp air exiting the nose. This air is […]

Sailfish Mask And Snorkels Are Back In Full Stock

Cressi Mask and Snorkel set to affordable price. Ideal for both diving and snorkeling. Basic 2-lens mask with silicone skirt and strap, full adult size. Lens shape gives a great field of view that mask the mask perfect for snorkeling and diving. Easy operated mask-strap […]

Minima Is Back

After have been discontinued for a few years the Cressi Minima freediving mask is back again. It has been one of our most popular freediving mask in the past here in the Philippines. Minima mask was designed specifically for deep sea diving, with innovative features that […]