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New Cressi Snorkel, Orion Dry

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 14 Feb, 2022

New low price Dry snorkel from Cressi. Dry top with Purge valve at the bottom to easy clear it in the unlikely case you get water in the snorkel.

Dry snorkel with purge valve from CressiThe Orion Dry is a lightweight snorkel great for travelers that want to discover the underwater world. The snorkel have parts made with soft and hypoallergenic silicone to ensure comfort and easy to use. Features a dry valve on top that prevent water from entry. The mouthpiece is made in soft silicone to avoid jaw fatigue. At the bottom, a purge valve makes easy to purge the water from the snorkel. Available in 10 different colour combinations.
Price: Php 615.00, if purchased together with Ikarus mask 10% discount

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