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Waterproof New Arrival

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 28 Mar, 2022

New arrival of wetsuit, hood and boots from Waterproof Diving International. With all the delivery problems and delays we are happy to see our stock of below being topped up again.

Waterproof W30 2.5mm fullsuit

W30 Fullsuit 2.5mm Backzip Lady cut W30 Sport Series features the amazing WPAD™ or Waterproof Personal Accessory dock. If you think our standard suits are too warm, we have devised a clever solution. We recommend that you buy a thinner suit – preferably the new W30 Sport Series from Waterproof. To keep the professional divers happy, the new W30 2.5 mm full suit features a unique and clever gadget, the WPAD™.  SRP: Php 9,420.00

Waterproof Neoskin 1mm fullsuit
NEOSKIN 1mmSlip into NeoSkin, extremely comfy, like pyjamas “- You won’t want to take it off” :-)
Heavier and warmer than Lycra, softer and more flexible than a wetsuit! Completely wind and splash proof. Flexible, smooth interior fabric, makes the Neoskin easy to don and doff. 
SRP: Php 7,822.00

Waterproof WP Skin Super stretch lycra fullsuit SUPERSTRETCH LYCRA
Is the water too warm for a regular wetsuit but you're still in need of a sun or rash protection? Then the WP Skin is an excellent diveskin for you. In addition - if you struggle to get your wetsuit on, problem is solved with WP Skin. A full rashguard suit in superstretch Lycra makes donning your wetsuit easy.
SRP: Php 5,160.00

Waterproof H30 2mm Hood When Waterproof developed the new Sport Series a different set of matching accessories was needed.  We designed Socks, Gloves and Hoods all aimed for use in warmer water. This H30 Hood is inspired by the famous H1 Vented Hood series which made Waterproof a leader in the diving hood market.
SRP: Php 1,499.00

Waterproof B50 5mm boots without zipBASIC SPORT SERIES WET BOOT 5MM
A lightweight boot in 5mm neoprene without zip. Same WP high quality fabrication as our more advanced boots. Glued and blind stitched for strength. Simplified design for ease of use.
SRP: Php 2,988.00

Waterproof S30 2mm neoprene socks S30 SOCKS in the SPORT SERIES
Long hours of snorkeling in lukewarm tropical water tend to make the skin on your feet soft and more receptive to blisters and chafing from your fins. To help prevent this Waterproof have designed the tropical sock to enable you to enjoy your dive for longer. Made of 2.0mm high quality neoprene, Bonded Hi-Quality Nylon thread, Anti-slip Sole and Anti-slip Heel.
SRP: Php 1,499.00

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