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New Lowcut And Highcut Boots

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 14 Jul, 2023

Just arrived to our stores, Aropec Sports boots and beach shoes

Beach shoes made of 3mm neopreneVery popular Lowcut boots or Beach shoes from Aropec Sports made of 3mm quality neoprene. Ideal for all watersport where you need a proper sole to protect your feet. Made with rubber toe and heel reinforcement to protect it from wear and tear. Makes it very popular as rental boots in dive center and resorts both for scuba diving and snorkeling. 
Available in size XXXS-XXL 

Dive boots made of 5mm neopreneThis 5mm neoprene dive boots has been designed to be a long lasting rental boots for the dive centers around the Philippines. With a rubber reinforeced poe and heel to protect the areas from wear and tear and a YKK zipper with metal slider it's made to last. The sole is soft and comfortable yet very resistance for wear.
Available in size XXXS-XXL 

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