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Surface Marker New Arrival

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 21 Sep, 2023

New SMB and new arrivals from Surface Marker 

A new shipment from SURFACE MARKER have just arrived to our stores.

Surface Marker buoy for sales in the PhilippinesSM-10 is a new very large SMB, suitable for recreational or technical divers as a deco SMB. With 3 inflation options, divers can choose which one works best for their equipment configuration and personal style, secondary regulator, inflator hose, oral valve.
Self-closing with pressure relief valve. SOLAS reflective tape on the top of both sides increases night and day visibility. Compact storage, held together by elastic band. All seams are welded & reinforced.

Surface Marker buoy with WDS for sales in the PhilippinesThe easy handling and durability of this set make the Surface Marker WDS the preferred buoy for many diving professionals.
Combined with the WDS5.5, this open buoy is a compact, simple solution for setting the buoy during a safety stop.
Easy to fill and use with the WDS5.5.
Stored in the bag, the buoy and WDS can be hung on the jacket.

Surface Marker buoy pocket size for sales in the PhilippinesSurface Marker Pocket Buoy is for the diver who wants to keep it simple, light and compact.
This buoy fits in the smallest jacket pocket. For those who don't have pockets, the pocket buoy can be attached to the jacket using the clip.
The buoy is rolled up and secured with the elastic band.
All seams are welded & reinforced
Available in Orange/Yellow, Orange or Pink.

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