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Wetsuit Clearance Sale

Equipment TSoderstrom COMMENTS 22 Oct, 2020

Waterproof Aries-7mm and Lynx-5mm wetsuitsWhen the Aries-7mm and Lynx-5mm suits come out on the market they were the first in what was going to be called the 20th Anniversary serie, to be followed by shorties and 3mm suits as well. If you click HERE you will get all the features the 20th Anniversary suits have, they really changed the ballgame of wetsuits. We have a limited number of this suits still in stock, see HERE, that we are putting out on Clearance Sale.
Sale price: Aries 7mm Php 7,106 and Lynx 5mm Php 6,283.

Waterproof Capri 3mm full wetsuitThe Capri is the 3mm suit from the 20th Anniversary serie and have got many of the great features from the Aries and Lynx adapted to the thinner material, see HERE. The main different of the feature is the seals in the wrist and ankles, the Capri have nylon cover on the seals. Still get a efficient seal and reduction of water flow to make it to a warm and comfortable 3mm suit. Please see HERE for the availability of sizes and location.
Sale price: Php 5,023

Body Glove Pro 2 full wetsuitBody Glove Pro 2 is a 3/2mm full wetsuit, body are made up from 3mm soft neoprene, arms and legs from 2mm material to make it more flexible in this areas, make it very easy to don and remove. Overall a very comfortable suit that also are popular among surfers. Not many in stock and only in limited size, Lady 13/14, Men XS and XXL, see HERE for location and quantity.
Sale price: Php 2,874

3mm shorty wetsuit from Waterproof DivingThe Sirius is simply a shorty version of Capri from Waterproof Diving 20th Anniversary serie. As all Waterproof's suit so is Sirius gender specific styling for perfect fit. Made of 3mm high quality neoprene with all small extra feature that are hard to find on other suits, like the neck comfort zip to mention one, see details HERE. You find this available in most sizes, you can see the availibility and location of the Sirius HERE.
Sale price: Php 3,493

5mm shorty with taped seamsThis shorty from Aropec Sports was developed by Asia Divers and Atlantis in Puerto Galera as a rental suit for dive schools and was very popular for quite some time. Made of 5mm neoprene with frontzip that open up the whole front of the suit, make it very easy to don and remove. Taped seams to protect for abrasion from BCD and weightbelt to ensure the suit will last for a long time even in tough rental condition. For available sizes and location of this shorty please see HERE.
Sale price: Php 995

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