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New Maskstrap Cover From Ods

New Maskstrap Cover from Ocean Dive Supply Philippines own production at ODS Wetsuit repair shop in Cebu. Made of high quality neoprene, same quality as the Cressi LUI/LEI suits are made from but fully 3mm thickness. Highly flexible to ensure high level of comfort during all dives or […]

Wetsuit Clearance Sale

When the Aries-7mm and Lynx-5mm suits come out on the market they were the first in what was going to be called the 20th Anniversary serie, to be followed by shorties and 3mm suits as well. If you click HERE you will get all the […]

Australia Counter Clockwise Part 2

May 15 Early start again as we had to get to the Adelaide River for our morning cruise on the river with Adelaide River Cruise. Start point is quite remote and if it wasn't for the well marking with signage we would had turned around and […]

Australia Counter Clockwise

Back downunder again to see if we can circumnavigate Australia again, this time counter clockwise comparing to 2011 when Allan Nash and I did it clockwise. A few other things are different as well, start point this time is Perth instead of Sydney. Bike 2011 […]

All New Colours - It's Bright

  Both the Marea VIP and Marea Jr VIP have arrived in NEW colours. Now with coloured skirts they are really bright and looks good and fun. You can select from a Blue, Yellow or Lilac set including the Gamma snorkel for the adult sizes and Top snorkel […]